“I am really happy to have found RIE in NYC…my baby and I look forward to class all the time! She loves her independence and I love letting her be independent while feeling relaxed that she can socialize in a safe environment.Thank you so much for bringing the wonderful RIE experience to NY! It has truly changed our lives.” -CC, parent

“I really enjoy the class – it has been so inspirational. It has changed my outlook on how I do things with (my baby). How I raise her has been so important to me, and what we discuss in class is the guideline I was looking for.”  -FB, mother

RIE class “was truly one of the most helpful and certainly most influential aspects of (my child’s) early childhood.” -EP, mother

“Thank you so very much for the RIE class….to say the class has been helpful to me is a major understatement.  You are a very skilled and compassionate facilitator and I think the lessons I have taken away will have a profound impact on my parenting.” -DK, mother